The Final Wave

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The Final Wave


When it comes to sailing and adventures on the High Seas, Steve Champion knows what he is writing about. He has had a distinguished yachting career spanning more than three decades and has sailed with Sir Chay Blyth and Sir Robin Knox-Johnston.


All of them had turned their thoughts to what would happen next. How could they explain it? Only the four people on that boat knew what had occurred and it had bound them to each other. Every man had experienced a metamorphosis. They had started their journey as insignificant men crossing an ocean for a much-needed adventure, and they had evolved into killers, lovers and heroes in a new world. It was something that each one would have to live with. Never again would they fit comfortably into the mould of quiet, suburban man...

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  • Versandkostenfrei ab 19 € innerhalb Deutschlands
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