Terror Highway 193: A Guide for the Suddenly Disabled

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Terror Highway 193: A Guide for the Suddenly Disabled


Susan and her husband, Jean-Pierre, leave their house on a foggy Friday afternoon to see a movie. Just before they're about to turn back, a car hits their vehicle head on. Rescuers put their own lives in danger to rescue the couple, but escaping the fog is just the first step in their battle.

In this inspirational guidebook, Susan seeks to help other disabled people by recalling the ordeal she went through with her husband-beginning with the accident that changed their lives and following them through their recovery and beyond. You'll learn

• tips to participate in and speed up the healing process;
• guidance on working with physicians, surgeons, and physical therapists; and
• information on what to expect from rehabilitation facilities and home care services.

This guidebook is not just for people with disabilities and trauma victims; it's also a resource guide for their loved ones and care providers. Life may never be exactly the same, but with the right attitude, you or someone you care for can define a new normal. It starts with rediscovering hope and overcoming the emotional and physical turmoil that come with being suddenly disabled.

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