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The Classical Rider: Being at One With Your Horse

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The Classical Rider: Being at One With Your Horse


How to Understand Your Horse to Become a Better Rider
To move in harmony with a horse, you must first understand the animal's mind and develop a deep appreciation for its natural movement. In The Classical Rider, celebrated equestrian author Sylvia Loch unlocks the history and philosophy of classical riding, explaining the anatomy, physiology, and psychology of the horse to its rider.

Equal parts instructional guide, sports history lesson, and spiritual meditation, this classic manual conveys important dressage concepts to help you find the proper balance and body position with clearly illustrated techniques and visualizations. More than a standard how-to manual, with easy and accessible prose, Loch presents memoir-style stories and anecdotes from her own equestrian experiences. Drawing upon her ten years spent in Portugal and Great Britain, as well as colorful lessons learned from years of teaching, she makes it clear that to become a better rider, you must consider the anatomy and physiology of the horse, how they move, and how they think. She reveals how a horse's movements relate to and express the laws of nature. The possibilities of better communication with horses have spiritual overtones for Loch as well, who considers the horse a beautiful creation and gift from God.

This book is a your key resource to improve your riding and establish a stronger connection with your horse. Written for all levels of rider, reading The Classical Rider is like getting your own personal riding lesson.
Equestrians of all levels will also enjoy reading Sylvia Loch's other books, such as Invisible Riding, The Royal Horse of Europe, Dressage in Lightness, The Classical Seat, and Dressage: The Art of Classical Riding.

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