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A Medley of Friends

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A Medley of Friends


Gathered around a camp fire, Brett, Blake, and Gavin make silly New Year resolutions for their parents until sensible Maya gets them back on track. The parents retreat to the house and the companions are telling jokes when they meet Weston, a great horned owl. Weston is impressed to see that these children of different ethnic backgrounds are such good friends and explains why we celebrate cultural diversity at this time of the year.
Motivated by Weston, the kids organize a get-together for their diverse neighborhood. Unexpectedly, it snows, and the kids make sleds out of inner tubes to slide down a huge hill nearby. The kids scream and laugh loudly as they zoom down the hill again and again. Little did they know that their noise was disturbing two raccoons sleeping nearby in a tree hollow. The raccoons have enough and start a funny food fight with the kids. Weston becomes their hero as he flies into the battle, knocking food out of the air.
Later at the neighborhood gathering, Weston, the kids, and the raccoons apologize to each other and have a great time at the party.

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