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Life Principles As Learned Through Elijah's Journey

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Life Principles As Learned Through Elijah's Journey


What is it about our human nature in which at many points in life we just want to give up, check out of this so-called universe? Thoughts flowing through our mind of how we would prefer to die rather than live. Never counting the cost of our lives, as if we have any value to begin with. Truthfully, as a people, we do not like struggling, especially when others appear to be most helpful toward us in this process. However, suffering is one of the most necessary processes of life.
In our quest to find answers we must remember life is a journey, which has no set formula for continued growth. Even when we follow a form of structured values, something always causes us to be tested which will bring about opportunity for change. At this point, life becomes a matter of what is in the heart and not just in the mind. Clarifying, many times we may find ourselves not living up to what we say we believe and we definitely do not want to suffer for something we say we believe in.
In this book, Life Principles as Learned Through Elijah's Journey, Tolander uses a small group setting to hopefully bring forth conceptual ideas about life which may help each of us reflect more wisely in our journeys. Tolander realizes life is so much more than just gathering a bunch of knowledge. Life is about processing the information gained in order that there may become a desired lived reality, one full of expectation not hopelessness.

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