The Remarkable Effect: The Essential Book for Tech-Entrepreneurs-on-a-Mission

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The Remarkable Effect: The Essential Book for Tech-Entrepreneurs-on-a-Mission


Remarkable is more than just a word. It's a vision.

It's the art to create meaningful impact to prospects and customers.

Being remarkable is something that I believe every company can achieve.
The Remarkable Effect was written to help tech-entrepreneurs-on-a-mission shape the software business they've always aspired to run: Remarkable and Impactful.
In The Remarkable Effect Ton Dobbe reveals the ten traits that define a remarkable software company. Stacking them up behind each other will not only help you stand out in your category, but also create clear leverage of value; exponential value, not just incremental - hence 'The Remarkable Effect.'
It might be, however, you aren't the CEO (yet!) and are still selling products day to day with prospects, or maybe you are at the strategic helm of your company looking for solutions to uniquely position the value you have to offer, or potentially you are looking for fresh product strategy perspectives to keep you stay one step ahead.
If your goal is to further the business you own, run or work for, this book for you. It is not about processes and procedures - the 80% under the water. This book is about the 20% that will separate you from the rest.
The ideas and strategies in this book have been proven to be highly effective for start-ups, underdogs, established market leaders (who are often in danger of losing their edge), small companies, large companies and everything in between.
There's an art and a science to being remarkable, and it hasn't got anything to do with where you are on your journey.
So, are you ready to take the journey to unleash the remarkable effect inside your software business?

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