Love, Reignited (Love in the Tropics, Band 1)

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Love, Reignited (Love in the Tropics, Band 1)


After being dumped by her fiancé, and haunted by the shame of her father's crimes, Evelyn Meriwether makes the only move she can: that is, leaving her home in Melbourne to journey to remote Far North Queensland. Having all but given up on the idea of happily ever after for good, Evie figures she can start her life over in lush, coastal Cairns.
Evie begins a new job at Fire Communications and meets Station Officer Nathan Barrett. He, too, has experienced desertion and betrayal by the women in his life. Meeting Evie makes him wonder if happiness can finally be within his grasp once and for all.
If only he could convince Evie of the same.
When tragedy intervenes, and another loss looms, can Evie risk her heart by taking a second chance at love? Or is the prospect of being hurt again too devastating to contemplate?
Set against the backdrop of a tropical paradise, Love Reignited is the first in a series of sweet romances focusing on the brave men and women working within emergency services. With heart, humour and a hint of mystery, it's sure to rekindle your ideas about second chance love and forgiveness.

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