Moods of Love

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Moods of Love


Moods of Love presents an inspiring collection of poetry deals with the ups and downs of life and love. Author Danny Williams believes that dealing with life, love, and people involves much more than trying to find a loophole for existence. Each person must realize their individual strengths and find ways to continue to build upon them. Including poems on love, courage, and honesty, among other topics, Moods of Love ponders the emotional ties that bind us to each other.

Though love brings many ups and downs with it, there is also much joy and discovery as relationships change and grow. Moods of Love offers a glimpse at the true emotions of love.

True Times

Strength, sensitivity, and a caring nature,

Are the feelings of power that I receive from her.

The eyes of the world shine on my life;
Our hearts are mended forever as man and wife.

Hold me with pride and cover me with trust,
The rest of our lives depend on us.

Follow my mind through a hunt for treasure,
And know that the rewards are there for sure.

Stick with me when times are down,
With an extraordinary love that's rarely found.

You appeared in my life when I needed relief,
Sweeping away all thoughts of disbelief.

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